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Ahlström Collective Impact

2020 August 19

Ahlstrom Collective Impact (ACI) is an internationally recognized bold initiative, that through its partnership with UNICEF Finland, the UN organization for child rights, adds value to the purpose as well as business value to Ahlström network companies, while achieving significant change in the global society.

Our long and successful partnership with UNICEF, together with our vision to change the way doing good is perceived, has been the inspiration for a new collaboration platform called Ahlström Collective Impact.

Ahlström Collective Impact (ACI) is an unique collaboration between companies, foundations and stakeholders within the Ahlström Network with the aim to make strategic investments with impact to support the realization of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

We believe in the power of partnerships and innovative mutually beneficial collaboration. ACI together with UNICEF Finland brings together shareholders, employees and customers to achieve change in society for the most vulnerable children in collaboration with UNICEF to achieve change in society. Through its pioneering partnership with UNICEF, ACI finds opportunities to innovate around equality and sustainability to solve some of the most pressing challenges in society.

In addition to the Eva Ahlström foundation, who initiated the collaboration, the founding parties are Ahlström Capital, Ahlstrom-Munksjö, Antti Ahlström Perilliset, Destia and Glaston. All parties have committed to supporting UNICEF’s work and believe that as a team effort we can scale up investments for greater impact on both businesses and children.

The Eva Ahlström Foundation is very humble and proud to be part of this collaboration that manifests the Ahlström family vision A Better World for Future Generations.

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