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Ahlström Collective Impact invests EUR 1 million in the welfare of children via UNICEF Finland

Ahlström Collective Impact made an investment of EUR 770,000 into UNICEF’s Global Education Program in 2022. In addition, the companies, employees, foundations, and shareholders within the Ahlström Collective Impact have raised nearly EUR 300,000 for the children in Ukraine.


2022 Septemebr 7

Ahlström Collective Impact supporting UNICEF Global Education Program - Key Results 2021

UNICEF’s aim is to ensure that every child and adolescent has access to school and quality learning.


2022 September 6

World Children's Day

Ahlström Collective Impact celebrates World Children’s Day together with UNICEF Finland


2022 November 9

We stand by the children and families of Ukraine

Time is crucial and help is urgently needed. Join us and support UNICEF's work in Ukraine.


2022 March 3

The Ahlström Collective Impact gives everyone in the Ahlström Network a chance to contribute towards the realization of the SDGs

We hope The Ahlström Collective Impact will give everyone in the Ahlström Network a chance to contribute towards the realization of the The Sustainable Development Goals and feel a sense of belonging and give everyone a purpose.


2022 February 8

Maria Ahlström-Bondestam announced as Inaugural Chair of the UNICEF International Council

Maria Ahlström-Bondestam, Co-Founder and Chair of the Eva Ahlström Foundation in Finland, is announced as the inaugural Chair of the UNICEF International Council.


2021 September 30

For 2021, the Ahlström Collective Impact has decided to invest in UNICEF’s Global Education Program

Ahlström Collective Impact (ACI) is a joint responsibility initiative for the Ahlström Network companies, designed for targeted strategic investments that support the realization of selected United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). For 2021, Ahlström Collective Impact has decided to make an investment of 600,000 € into UNICEF’s Global Education Program. As of 2021, this unique collaboration forum has been further strengthened as Suominen Corporation, the Walter Ahlström Foundation and Enics have joined Ahlström Collective Impact.


2021 September 16

A decade of collaboration to improve children’s lives


2021 October 1

The Eva Ahlström Foundation provides food for families with children in Finland

EAS wants to help by providing the food and recipes for one week for one hundred (100) families (4-6 people / family) in collaboration with ITLA and Venner Food Aid.


2021 February 21

CMI 20th anniversary

Congratulations CMI on your 20th anniversary!


2020 November 12

New Finnish project focuses on reducing social isolation among youths

The Eva Ahlström Foundation has decided to enter into a three-year collaboration with HelsinkiMissio.


2020 March 15

UNICEF Child Protection project in West Bengal, India

The Child protection project in West Bengal will improve the conditions and services of orphanages and childcare institutions, establish shelters and support foster family arrangements so that as many children as possible could grow and develop in a home-based environment rather than institutional settings.


2020 January 31

Ahlström Collective Impact

Ahlstrom Collective Impact (ACI) is an internationally recognized bold initiative, that through its partnership with UNICEF Finland, the UN organization for child rights, adds value to the purpose as well as business value to Ahlström network companies, while achieving significant change in the global society.


2020 August 19

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