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We believe in action, collaboration and structural change

We strongly believe in seeing our support as investments and not donations. This is why we want to differentiate between charitable donations and strategic giving. Charity is often based on an emotion rather than knowledge and does not necessarily yield any sustainable result other than monetary support. Strategic giving on the other hand defines the root cause of a problem, supports the solutions, and scales  up the results for sustainable impact. Thus, strategic giving is a more hands-on approach where all parties are actively involved. 

The key to our strategic giving approach is our dedicated collaboration partners. We believe that collaboration is the path to greater social impact and through our own experience we have seen the effect of collaboration. That is why we have chosen to collaborate with established, professional, and known actors, both nationally and internationally. We value our partners' expertise and experience which is why we educate ourselves about their work, dedicate our time to supporting them and use our networks to actively advocate for their causes. We genuinely want to understand how we can help, how others can help and how a sustainable solution can be achieved. 

Alongside our established partners we have also chosen to collaborate within our family, with other organizations and with other families and foundations. The Foundation’s goal and source of inspiration has always been to spread its messages and engage as many different actors as possible in its work.

Another distinct feature of our investments is the measurement of the return in other terms than the directly financial. When investing in, the likes of child protection, the expected return is systematic change with a grounded and safe child, who grows up to be a conscientious and safe adult, contributing towards a stable community where in time families and businesses alike can prosper and thrive. The return is not directly monetary, and it might take longer but it is scalable and sustainable. 


If you are a private person, business or other organizations willing and able to invest in the Foundation, we warmly welcome you to contact the Board. Please see the Board page for the Board’s contact details.

The Board of the Eva Ahlström Foundation proposes the initiatives for and decides on the distribution of means. It is therefore not possible to apply to the Foundation for grants or financial assistance.

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